Monday, March 24, 2008

Is laziness a virtue or a vice?

I was always convinced that laziness is a vice. However, after our Toastmasters meeting last Wednesday, i started to doubt it.
Bohdan, one of our Toastmasters, have delivered a speech with the interesting message - laziness is good, you just need to know how to use it. Never thought that being lazy can actually help you become effective at work? Maybe his speech was so well done that he managed to alter my attitude about laziness. Here are some of the tips Bohdan shared with us:

  • Delegate your work to someone else

  • Don't rush to do the task, if you wait sometime, it may won't be needed anymore

  • Automate routine work (this might take some creative thinking)
Maybe I should try that, will see how effective my work will get. Although so far procrastination did no good to me but added up more stress....

Monday, March 10, 2008

When do we meet?

Lemberg Toastmasters meet every Wednesday at 7:40pm in the facilities of SoftServe by the address: 52 V.Velykogo Street, room 110

We welcome everyone who wants to consider joining our club.
In order to be present at the meeting, please contact our VP Membership – Yaroslav Kisylychka at

Our Officers

President - Lyuba Lazarenko
VP Education - Olena Koronenko
VP Membership - Ira Pantel
VP PR - Yulia Kovalyova
Treasurer - Sasha Sheremet
Secretary - Ira Pantel
Sergeant at Arms - Ivan Kravets

Our Club Mentor - Yulia Usova.
Yulia has initiated the establishment of our club in November 2006 and has been giving us her continuous support ever since.

Feminism: pros & cons

On the threshhold of Women's Day during our last Lviv Toastmasters meeting we had a vivid discussion about feminism. Two our devoted Toastmasters presented their Get to the Point speeches about this movement. Olena Koronenko with her speech "Wolf in a Sheep's clothing" was quite convincing about feminism being an evil to the society, whereas Yulia Kovalyova could give us the proves of a woman's superiority. I personally after her speech wanted to jump up and sing this famous old song "I'm a Woman" by Melinda Doolittle (originaly sang by Peggy Lee)

Bohdan Rak as a Table Topic Master developed the theme of feminism in a more detailed mannare involvening some of the guessts of the meeting and it's permanent participants.

Who can join Lemberg Toastmasters?

Our members are the people who share the goals of mastering public speaking and leasdership skills. So, anyone who speaks English (upper intermediate level minimum) and is willing to speak in front of the audience, and meeting new people can join our club.

What benefits one can get from Lemberg Toastmasters Club?

It's been proven that communication and presentation skills are crucial to success in a working place and in everyday life. People pay high fees to get trained in those skills, whereas Toastmasters club offers a much less expensive option to become a confident speaker in informal and friendly environment. So as a member of the club you:
· Become more confident
· Get rid of stage fear
· Learn to communicate effectively
· Learn to express your thoughts clearly
· Improve your presentation skills
· Learn to motivate and to persuade
· Increase your leadership potential
· Reach your professional and career goals