Lemberg Toastmasters is an English speaking club in Lviv, Ukraine run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We employ the “Learn by doing” approach: we meet every week to practice communication and leadership skills in a friendly, mutually supportive environment.

The club is open to everyone. You do not need any kind of special preparation or a good reference list.

Our meeting place is not specified on purpose, you just need to make the first step. Write us a letter saying: “I want to practice communication and leadership. And I'm curious, what is going on there in your club!”

Do not hesitate and do not procrastinate. Write us now! See you next Wednesday!

Lemberg Toastmasters club infosheet
Please check this info sheet for brief all-in-one details and facts sheet about our club

Joining the club - why and how
Got a question about joining the club? Why to do it? Or how? Please check this info sheet for all the answers in one place
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What Toastmasters meeting is Like