Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lemberg Toastmasters statistics for First half-year of 2013

Lemberg Toastmasters
First half-year of 2013 statistics

15 meetings 
(on average 5 meetings per 2 months)

3 prepared speeches by 3 speakers
(on average 0.33 speeches per meeting, 0.5 per month, 1 per speaker)
And also 6 mini-speeches by 4 speakers.

21 people were taking roles
Thank you all so much!

112 total roles participations
Including prepared speakers (~7.46 roles per meeting, ~5.33 participations by one person for half-year or ~0.88 per month)

14 viewpoints, 10 table topics, 11 games

Visiting Lemberg toastmasters for one month you'd go to 2 or 3 meetings, possibly hear a prepared speech and certainly hear 1 mini-speech, participate in around 2 viewpoints and table topics, two games, and take a role once. 

In general this half-year was a lot about impromptu speaking and games. Unfortunately, we’re still witnessing a steady decline in club attendance - from more than 200 role participations per half-year in 2011, to 153 in first half-year of 2012, to 137 in second half-year 2012, to 112 this half-year. 

But we had almost two times more games than previous half-year. 

We had three times fewer prepared speeches than previous half-year, but a slight increase in mini-speeches though.

We need to invite new people and increase attendance! This was our imperative for first half-year of 2013, and it remains thus for the second half-year.

Notable standouts
- Most versatile - Ihor Klyuka took 9 different roles!
Everyone else took 7 and less different roles during this half-year.

- Most active - Mykola Makhin took roles 18 times (one or more than one role each meeting).
Ihor Klyuka and Tetiana Povshyk come close with 15 and 14 participations respective.
Everyone else took 12 and less roles during this half-year.

Let's delve into details...