Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crooked politicians - a humorous table topic

Greetings toastmasters,

Recently I've made a humorous table topic that seemed to worked pretty well in our club, so here I am sharing the idea with the world (-:

Every volunteer had a task of impersonating a crooked politician - in a humorous "tongue-in-cheek" way of course, nothing too political (which would be against the rules). The volunteer had a task that sounded like this: "You are a politician that did something very unethical or sometimes even criminal (explanation of the deed included). Now that new elections are coming how would you explain yourself to public to clean your name?"

The task had really made the volunteers to make an effort to think. And also as you can probably imagine some of the excuses our "guilty politicians" were making were hilarious (-: , so the table topic was both interesting and funny.

To share some fun here's a little teaser video:

There were seven tasks written in total, and I'm sharing the task texts here so you could use it in your club if you want to, or make your own based on those: