Friday, June 27, 2008

In Lviv with Kiev Toastmasters

After a fun Toastmasters meeting our Kiev guests and a couple of Lviv Toastmasters went for a tour around the city. This was the chance to get to know each other better and enjoy the company which we used to the fullest:)

The first stop was in dungeon Ravlyk museum. Everybody wanted to get under the ground world of Lviv. Me too actually... But not much was there, just a couple of statues of lion, one big, empty and mysterious sarcophagus, and a good old man telling us a story of ancient Lviv.

Long walk gets tiering. Good Lviv beer and a delicious snack was the best decision. We stoped at everyone loved Dzyga caffe.

See how Tania and Andrey enjoy the beer:)

Of course we could not miss the provokative statue of Mazoh near the Mazoh caffee. Mazoh actually was born and lived in Lviv for some time. Lviv really got quite a history:)

Anyway, it was a great day with lots of positive impressions and memories.
We should do it more often:)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hilarious Meeting

Who said that Toastmasters meeting can be boring? Who said that Toastmasters meeting is no fun?

Last meeting AGAIN proved wrong everyone who still had doubts about how fun and hilarious (who attended know what i mean:)) Lviv Toastmasters can be!!!
This time it was a joined meeting with experienced toastmasters from Kiev:

Area Governor - Vera Viter
President of ArtTalkers - Tania Knyazeva
President of DniproHills - Lily Nabochenko
President of EBA Toastmasters - Iryna Nikolaenko
VP PR ArtTalkers & Treasurer DniproHills - Greham Seibert
ExVP PR DniproHills - Andrey Yaroshenko

Our hilarious participants were:

Olena Derzhko told us all about how hilarious extreme activities could be . She had her 2nd project titled "Extreme Activites: sports vs. lifestyle".

Olena Koronenko with her 5th speech "The Best Advice" gave us advice not to give an advice:) Now, every time i mean to say " here is my advice.." I think twice..

Sasha Sheremet as a Table Topic Master made everybody remember our hilarious childhood.

The most challenging topic was: how do you decode this abriviation YMPA as a child? What is your guess?

The fastests Ah-counter so far:) has been Bohdan . After his hilariously fast evaluation we should invent a competition "The fastest ah-counting":) It definitely saves time and makes everyone listen to it carefuly.

Who was the most on-time?

Zoryana - our Timer (she knows what i mean):) Never heard such a deep introduction of the Timer role and such a profound ending (and i am serious). Understanding that time is extremely important in our meetings she made an extra stress on it. Man, i wish we had it recorded...

The most hilarious word of the day:) was provided by our Grammarian Krystyna, and counted how many times it was used. Vera used the most-15 times. Bohdan was second-13. That was quite a competition:)
In that hilarious atmosphere amazingly she could also pick the most commonly used mistakes.

And now on a serious note:

Lemberg Toastmasters first time had guests from Kiev and were very happy to meet new friends. It was definitely a fun meeting with interesting speeches and a variety of jokes and discussions. We also managed to impress Kiev Toastmasters by the level of our organization, performance as speakers and hospitality:)

Lemberg Toastmasters welcome everyone who wants to visit us!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The oldest Toastmaster from Lviv

My first interaction with Toastmasters was in November 2006. Since then I became the first member and the founder of this club and now I am the oldest Toastmaster.

Everyone knows me...

I am the one who encourages people to participate, and I am the one who makes officers to work for the good of our club. In other words - ladies and gentlemen, please get acquainted with Lyuba Lazarenko - the President of Lemberg Toastmasters.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lets get acquainted

Hm, it's been a year now since my first TM meeting... How fast the time flies :)
Wait, let me introduce myself properly. My name is Lena and I'm currently the VP of Education and the President's right hand :)
Of course, that's just my off-hour job. My main occupation is software development. And I must admit that I'm a typical representative of the species, a real nerd; I prefer reading to speaking, computers to humans and gadgets to fancy shoes :). That's why sometimes I wonder how I even ended up being a Toastmaster, considering that I have to communicate, convince, entertain and sometimes even inspire... and of course, the scariest: to expose my thoughts to a relatively large and reasonably strange audience — the things I don't do every day.
But I guess the question already contains the answer: I don't do it every day. Where else would I train my persuasion skills? "standing in front of an audience" skills? I'm not mentioning my English skills because I'm already an ace in that :P
And now back to nostalgia...
I remember the first time I came to the meeting. When I stepped out to the floor to give an impromptu speech. Can't remember what it was about, but it was good and made everyone laugh :) Kinda made me proud. And hooked up. Ever since then I try to make every meeting interesting for myself and as a result to the others (hopefully :))
Having that said, I'm really glad that I joined the club, hope you are too.

P.S. For those of you still wondering who I am, here's my photo:

P.P.S. What about you? Got something to share? ;)

Our Members

Our proud members are:

Olena Koronenko
Sasha Sheremet
Bohdan Rak
Iryna Pantel
Dima Martynov
Reno Derosier
Sasha Yanov
Tetyana Naychuk
Glenn Rogers
Ivan Kravets
Lyuba Lazarenko
Olena Derzhko
Dasha Leskiv
Andriy Mudryy
Olesya Dzyben
Fady Haek
Yaroslav Kisylychka
Tania Knyazeva (from Art-Talkers club)
Vera Viter (ex Area Governor, EBA club)
Taras Kohut