Friday, June 27, 2008

In Lviv with Kiev Toastmasters

After a fun Toastmasters meeting our Kiev guests and a couple of Lviv Toastmasters went for a tour around the city. This was the chance to get to know each other better and enjoy the company which we used to the fullest:)

The first stop was in dungeon Ravlyk museum. Everybody wanted to get under the ground world of Lviv. Me too actually... But not much was there, just a couple of statues of lion, one big, empty and mysterious sarcophagus, and a good old man telling us a story of ancient Lviv.

Long walk gets tiering. Good Lviv beer and a delicious snack was the best decision. We stoped at everyone loved Dzyga caffe.

See how Tania and Andrey enjoy the beer:)

Of course we could not miss the provokative statue of Mazoh near the Mazoh caffee. Mazoh actually was born and lived in Lviv for some time. Lviv really got quite a history:)

Anyway, it was a great day with lots of positive impressions and memories.
We should do it more often:)

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