Thursday, June 12, 2008

The oldest Toastmaster from Lviv

My first interaction with Toastmasters was in November 2006. Since then I became the first member and the founder of this club and now I am the oldest Toastmaster.

Everyone knows me...

I am the one who encourages people to participate, and I am the one who makes officers to work for the good of our club. In other words - ladies and gentlemen, please get acquainted with Lyuba Lazarenko - the President of Lemberg Toastmasters.


  1. I'm in Lviv. I'm older than you. I have been a toastmaster many years longer than you. So I'm going to steal this title from you!

    You'd have been right if you said "The oldest Toastmaster FROM Lviv". :)

  2. Yeah you are Glenn, i should put "from":)