Monday, March 29, 2010

Lemberg Toastmasters extends boundaries

Visiting the "Language Step" school was a new, yet very cognitive event in the Toastmasters community. The aim was clear – to get new members by attracting them within an audience struggling to succeed in learning English.

The idea was evoked in terms of PR activity, to promote the club within and audience that expresses interest, like students of language schools.
Having one of our honored guests, Christina Domashchuk, as a teacher in a language school, we gladly accepted her invitation and scheduled the Open meeting in the "Language Step" school for Wednesday, 24th of March.

The meeting was greatly held.
Lena Koronenko as a president did her best to introduce the club to the "Language Step" school students, being a Toastmaster she professionally kept the atmosphere of Toastmasters harmony throughout the meeting.

General evaluators did their best to provide clear and effective evaluations in terms of the clearness of speech, precise timing and correct grammar usage.

The View Point speaker, Dasha Leskiv with her topic "Post-Relationship Friendship: Yes or No", encouraged our guests and old members to talk a lot.
Olena Derzhko with her fascinating speech about famous people of Venice, playing the role of an Italian girl from Middle ages, took everyone on a marvelous journey throughout the ages.

Then Yaroslav Kisylychka organized a 15-minute fun time with his Table Topic questions about the life of a stone on a beach and all the involved people around.

Finally, evaluators of prepared speeches and table topic sessions delivered their objective yet positive evaluations.

Well, applauses and admiring feedbacks were the great result we expected.

Toastmaster, go ahead! New members, new events, new inspiration!