Monday, June 9, 2008

Lets get acquainted

Hm, it's been a year now since my first TM meeting... How fast the time flies :)
Wait, let me introduce myself properly. My name is Lena and I'm currently the VP of Education and the President's right hand :)
Of course, that's just my off-hour job. My main occupation is software development. And I must admit that I'm a typical representative of the species, a real nerd; I prefer reading to speaking, computers to humans and gadgets to fancy shoes :). That's why sometimes I wonder how I even ended up being a Toastmaster, considering that I have to communicate, convince, entertain and sometimes even inspire... and of course, the scariest: to expose my thoughts to a relatively large and reasonably strange audience — the things I don't do every day.
But I guess the question already contains the answer: I don't do it every day. Where else would I train my persuasion skills? "standing in front of an audience" skills? I'm not mentioning my English skills because I'm already an ace in that :P
And now back to nostalgia...
I remember the first time I came to the meeting. When I stepped out to the floor to give an impromptu speech. Can't remember what it was about, but it was good and made everyone laugh :) Kinda made me proud. And hooked up. Ever since then I try to make every meeting interesting for myself and as a result to the others (hopefully :))
Having that said, I'm really glad that I joined the club, hope you are too.

P.S. For those of you still wondering who I am, here's my photo:

P.P.S. What about you? Got something to share? ;)

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  1. Lena, really happy to see you on our blog! Great picture, btw.