Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ha ha! So funny… Applauses! Yahoo! Great! Perfect!

Those are just some of the things you could have heard while passing 52 V. Velykoho St, the usual place for Toastmasters regular meetings, because that's where THE FISRT HUMOROUS SPEECH CONTEST took place on Wednesday, March, 31st, right before April’s Fool Day!
And that was HI LA RI OUS!

Why? Because 6 speakers delivered their funny speeches competing for the first place in the contest. The Chairman of the evening was Yaroslav Kisylychka, who kept the atmosphere of a holiday and all the fun the audience were ready to accept. And we did! We really enjoyed the contest!

First was Alex Sheremet with his speech “Snowboarders vs. Skiers: who rules the slope?” telling and showing us not to judge others until we've been in their shoes. Metaphorically and literally.

Second was Lena Koronenko, explaining how great it is to have a cat, imitating the cat behavior very realistically, persuading us in her speech “9 and a half reasons to have a cat” that having a cat is really worthwhile.

Then Olena Derzhko with her speech titled “Be weird, bright life is here” showed that being weird is really beneficial and funny, as your eccentric look and behavior can give you lots of benefits besides just simple FUN.

After weird Olena, it was Christina Domashchuk's turn, and she told us a “Tale of her life” walking us through all the most interesting milestones of her life, in a very funny and eccentric way.

Fifth speaker was Reno Derosier who shared all the funniest moments of sailor’s job in his speech “Hey, mate”.

And finally Lyuba Lazarenko told us the story of traveling to Jerusalem, almost a script for an adventurous film but produced as a great comedy.

We were happy to greet our winners with the strongest applauses:
3rd place – Lena Koronenko,
2nd – Lyuba Lazarenko and
THE WINNER of the funniest speech according to audience choice – Christina Domashchuk!
Who, by the way, has just become our new Toastmaster member.

Congratulations to all the contestants, chairman and timer, and all the guests because the event was great and very positive!

Lets laugh, let’s be funny, and LIFE WILL BE SUNNY!!!!

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