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Lemberg Toastmasters 5-th Anniversary Party Report

Lemberg Toastmasters 5-th Anniversary Party Report
by Yustyna Holubets

Dear Toastmasters!

I am very happy to report that on February 8th the anniversary of Lemberg Toastmasters took place!
Luxurious place, delicate dishes and lovely music perfectly amplified our energy for various exciting activities.

There were two Holiday Table Topics during which volunteer speakers shared their wishes and painted by words different positive emotions. The winners, Lyuba Lazarenko and Alex Bair, got sweet presents.

Also during games guessing child photos and secrets we had an opportunity to discover some less known facts of our club members’ life and also find out how they looked long before becoming toastmasters. World music and quotations guessing games added an exciting intriguing spirit.

And true zest of the evening became “The Talent Show”. During the evening we mentioned outstanding abilities of our members:

  • Mykola Makhin who made a statistics of members’ progress with diagrams and tables.
  • Alex Bair who is keen on doing amazing sites about cinema.
  • Alex Sheremet who is good at handmade art doing original and practical things.
  • Andriy Turak who has a definite talent in drama playing.
  • Also we enjoyed the performances and demonstrations of the following talents.
  • Lyuba Lazarenko presented a splendid singing number taking us to “Marilyn Monroe” world.

  • Igor Klyuka revealed his deep interest in Asian cultures showing us his origami skills.
  • Olena Derzko provided a desert for the party having cooked her wonderful eclers. 
  • Oles Semenyuk made us burst from laugh by presenting his humorous stories.

  • Yustyna Holubets introduced a mysterious Orient with her Indian and Arabic dances.

I would like to thank every participant for coming, for your holiday mood and active participation!
Special thanks to:

  • Victor Medvedyev for organization and support of the event.
  • Lyuba Lazarenko for arranging the place and menu.
  • Mykola Makhin for technical support and for being a prefect DJ.
  • Alex Sheremet for managing contest prizes.
  • Sviatoslav Zalizschuk for sharing his notebook.
  • Olenka Derzko for bringing perfect dance music.
  • Kostya Pylypchuk for being our “Fashion Hunter”.
  • Andriy Turak, our devoted President, who did come to celebration in spite of breaking his leg.

And all others who did send the photos and secrets!

See more photos from the Anniversary below

Mykola is preapring to be our main DJ

 While we're just hanging around and chatting.

and discussing out "talent" numbers

the mood is perfect and the girls anticipate a true holiday

 especially our ex-president!

at last the party has begun! Sviatoslav is out of head from happiness being located between Olenka and Lyuba

Igor, Sergiy and Yustyna are still observing instead of eating

A special Holiday Table Topic was started by Sviatoslav

Continued by Alex

who has plenty to share with us



and closed by our President Andriy

who beams with joy

and a founder of the club was honoured by a precious present

Then relaxing part has started, taking phots, chatting. Our startling Olenka and humour king Oles

our humour king Oles and always presentable Victor.

and what a party without a dance

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