Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tasks for semi-humorous TableTopics

Greetings fellows.

Recently I have led some more (semi-)humorous TableTopics, and I'm ready to share some details on that - maybe they'll help you prepare your own TableTopics or re-use those at your club.

For the TableTopic every speaker had to imagine himself or herself as someone who occupies position of a City Mayor or possibly a leader of influential party or political fraction within City Council - any imaginary person that has the power to initiate some major changes within the city (I know that's not exactly realistic, but it's just fine for the sake of TableTopic - after all it had to have some humour in it so noone would get bored (-: ).

The speaker was given a task - a description of certain change that he/she as an influential figure was about to do to the city. He/she had to explain why this change is good for the city and why exactly this thing is his/her top priority for current time. Usually that change was something eccentric, so that the speaker would had to think how to present it in as something beneficial and relevant.

So, here are the tasks (descriptions of aforementioned hypothetical changes to city life) from two recent TableTopics:

TableTopic one:
  1. Turn city fountains into a free swimming pools with a hot water working all the year around.
  2. Put live streaming web cameras all over the city and big screens in squares to show to each part of the city what's going on in other parts.
  3. Teach each member of city council to write computer programs.
  4. Put a statue of each consequent city mayor on the main street of the city.
  5. Introduce a horse-riding police service in the city.
  6. Plant a lot of parks throughout the city.
TableTopic two:
  1. Turn pedestrian zone in front of Opera Theatre into "drive-in movie" like space by installing the screen that would display the show to people right in their cars - to solve the problem of illegal parking on a space around Opera Theatre during the shows. (Remark: It's a particular problem of Lviv city that visitors of Opera Theatre - and "elite" kind of establishment - fail to behave as an actual elite by simply breaking the parking rules within the city centre. So any person from Lviv that at least watches the news could relate to the problem).
  2. Paint city sidewalks and streets with colour-coded lines that would direct tourists and locals to city's places of interest - like sights, museums, theatres, transportation stations, shopping centres etc. For instance, a green line would connect all shopping malls, yellow line - all train station, orange line - all bus stations, blue line - all public libraries, red line - all pubs and cafes, silver line - all travel agencies etc.
  3. Make it a mandatory for every city council deputy to be able to play at least one musical instrument. Those who can't play at least one musical instrument cannot occupy depute's chair. Those who can play well more than one interment get more then one vote in the council.
  4. Turn city roads during winter into snow tunnels and temporarily change all public transport into sledge-based one, like a propeller-driven sleigh (AKA aerosled). Use those on a holidays for bobsledding competitions.
  5. Initiate a project of creating water channels in the city centre that would be used for fuel-less one-way public water transport - driven by natural flow of Poltva river. The way back would still be handled by busses, that would also carry the boat back on their roofs.
  6. Introduce the "healthy transport line" - a set of cheap (or totally free) pedal powered city busses, where each passenger has to use their muscle power to move the bus by using pedals.
  7. Oblige all cafes, restaurants, hotels, transport stations and other public places to install rotating doors. Put power generator on each rotation door that would convert door rotation into electricity and give it back to city's power network.

That is it. Hope this will help you prepare your TableTopics.

Best regards,
Mykola Makhin,
Lviv Toastmasters club officer.

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