Friday, February 12, 2010

The First Local Speech Contest has taken place in Lviv

Finally! Great event in Lviv!

On Wednesday, the February 3rd, 2010, the very first Local Speech contest was held in Lemberg Toast Masters club. This is annual Toastmasters contest that runs through all levels of the organization. Starting with club-level contests in the early months of the year, contestants proceed through higher levels until reaching the finals at the Toastmasters annual conference. Winners of this contest are awarded the title "World Champion of Public Speaking".

On the occasion of the contest Lemberg Toast Masters gathered a lot of people, TM club members and guests. That was definitely worth coming to watch as a guest and taking part as a speaker-contestant, judge, chairman of the event, and in any other roles those were important.

The first speaker Yaroslav Kisylychka in his speech "The cage for our soul" raised deeply interesting point about reincarnation, talking about the importance of a soul as integral part of a human personality as well as a body that should be kept as healthy as possible to ensure further life of a soul after it is reincarnated. The photo represents how deep subject of a speech keeps a speaker in that philosophical mood far long after the speech is given.

Second speaker was Andriy Mudryy, with his speech "Visiting Vienna", that was actually about how he didn't manage to see anything in the city, being stuck instead in Vienna airport. This was a story about how cognitive it can be to learn how to communicate with people of different ages and ranges.

Third came Lena Koronenko, who amazed us how many things applicable in our real life fairy tells can teach us. “A magic fairy hat” title was reflection of all the tricks and magic approach we can learn from children literature and to apply it in our life.

And the last but not least speaker was Alexander Sheremet with his speech titled "What makes things simple” where he uncovered his personal approach on living life in easier yet very enjoyable way.

The speakers’ efforts in preparing their works were evaluated by four judges with a chief judge Lyuba Lazarenko.

Also special gratitude should be given to counters, Olesya Dzyben and Dasha Leskiv, timer - Alex Andreew and Toastmaster of the event - Olena Derzhko.

Local Speech Contest was a prominent event in Lemberg Toastmasters Community. First of all it marked great enthusiasm of the speakers, who decided to try themselves and to receive award in art of public speaking. Secondly, people having taken all the roles, can be distinguished for their devoted approach to further prosperity of Lemberg Toastmasters club. As a result we are happy and it is great honor for us to have 2 winners, Lena Koronenko (1st place) and Alexander Sheremet (2nd place), who are delegated to take part in All Ukrainian Speech Contest, that will be held in Kiev in spring of the year 2010.

No wonder, that event like the described above not only is followed but just requires a celebration part, and we accomplished that task with the highest grade. Enjoying fascinating discussions and sharing the latest impressions, alltogether with new ideas as a result of fresh inspiration was a good supplement to tasty food and noble alcohol we had on such a great occasion provided by Toast Masters community for its members and followers.


  1. Really liked the fun part:)

    I think we should start thinking of the Humourous speech contest:)))

  2. Olenka, how about the role of contestant? ;)