Thursday, February 4, 2010

ToastGangsters at Winter Masquerade

Men in black & white with guns and ladies in fashionable exquisite dresses with delicate accessories in their hair and boas around the shoulders – dancing Charleston, drinking champaign and discussing the most recent events in the world of Chicago gangsters of 20s….

A real Chicago 20s atmosphere at annual Winter Masquerade organized by the Toastmasters clubs of Ukraine in Kiev. I was very excited to participate in that event together with my fellow Toastmasters from Lemberg.
Our adventures started from the early morning upon our arrival to Kiev. First thing (after breakfast of course) we went to the club meeting of Art Talkers. I personally was very curious about this particular club. The initial impression I had about Art Talkers – they are the most creative and artistic people. And this impression has been confirmed. They don’t only give speeches, but also set up theatrical sketches. If you happen to be in Kiev, make sure you spear time on Saturday morning to visit these guys.

The evening was a culmination of the entire trip to Kiev. We entered into the world of Sicilian mafia lead by famous Al Capone (Levon Petrosian). The program was very rich and extremely entertaining; starting from the Chicago performance of The Kelly Sisters “All that Jazz” song and Timur’s (Berezhnoy) amazing singing of “All I care about is love”. Those who were not interested in dancing were spending their money in Poker or simply playing good old mafia game.
The final gun shot of the event was Photo Contest Finely hosted by Lemberg Toastmasters. The winner of the best photos in 4 difference categories was Top Talkers club.

It has been our second Winter Masquerade in Kiev which proves that Toastmasters are not only great public speakers but also are great dancers, singers and simply know how to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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